22 September, 2022

Team Building DTC E&C

Team Building

At DTC E&C, we always believe that people  are the key to sustainable development. We always strive to build a working environment with the satisfaction of  employees  as the center to create truly different values.

In order to improve the spirit of solidarity and working connection between departments, each year DTC E&C will organize an interesting teambuilding trip for all employees. Here, the group activities and attractive games made all members extremely excited and burned.



The games are designed to increase coordination and mutual support in teamwork but still prioritize "fun is the main" for all participating members. From simple games such as balancing on the ball that require the cooperation of each individual to games that require a lot of movement and coordination between members such as obstacle course. All of them were enthusiastically participated by the teams and tried their best.










We are a family 

Thereby, it is easy to see that the "warriors" of DTC E&C are very passionate and passionate in everything, despite many difficulties and challenges, they still try to overcome and succeed. The proof is that the challenges of the teambuilding program have been conquered and completed excellently.

It is not difficult when everyone is united and united to achieve the goal they desire. The joy is not the rewards they receive, the burst of victory here is the sustainable cohesion of a "big family" who always stand side by side, overcome difficulties and progress together. to the destination.



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