22 September, 2022

Office interior design style 2023

Office interior design style 2023

You are looking to design office furniture and want to learn the design styles in line with the spirit of the business, creating a dynamic working space environment for employees.

Let's explore the impressive office interior design styles with DTC E&C to welcome the 2023 trend, which will surely help you find the right idea for your office.

Summary of office interior design trends 2023

#1 Eco-style office interior design

Eco interior style is understood as an ecological trend. This is a style that calls for a lifestyle to show a high sense of responsibility towards the environment. Its purpose is to protect the global ecosystem.

Eco-style with the trend of bringing green space into the working environment with the use of recycled, environmentally friendly items not only brings a fresh atmosphere, evokes a feeling of relaxation and comfort. improve morale and work efficiency, but also convey the message of environmental protection and ecosystem protection to everyone.

Trees are an indispensable element in Eco-style office designs. Green plants filter and regulate the air, creating a healthy working environment. Moreover, the cool green color from trees eliminates the feeling of pressure, making the working space more friendly and natural. Therefore, employees working in the office feel comfortable, energetic and able to focus on work.

Eco style is very popular because of natural or recyclable materials such as wood, bamboo or cork, dried leaves; space with many green trees helps to create a fresh space that regenerates positive energy for employees; Office design with open style. Eco style often uses gentle monochromatic tones to create simplicity and sophistication, creating a pleasant feeling

#2 Modern style office interior design

Modern is a style with similarities in the arrangement of simple spatial shapes, the organization of the floor in the direction of freedom and asymmetry. Modern interior design style using new materials including concrete, glass, steel, ... is prioritized to create a luxurious space without many details.

In the modern design style, the interior is mainly used with neutral colors such as brown, beige, white, and black to be selected as the main color tones for the space. In particular, the interior colors will be more focused and focus on emphasizing the shapes and lines of the furniture inside, the open space is a feature of modern interior design styles. When looking at it, it will be difficult to see a neat, restrained layout, but instead you will see the items are arranged freely, asymmetrically.

Glass, chrome, natural wood, concrete, etc. are popular materials used in modern design style. In addition, the furniture produced from modern technology is also selected more, bringing luxury and high-class to the working space, showing the business class.

Modern office design style brings a dynamic, luxurious and professional working space, so it is always in the top design trends, chosen by many businesses.

#3 Open style office interior design

Different from traditional designed offices, open space office interior design is becoming more and more popular and applied by many offices. By completely eliminating rough walls or partitions between rows of desks and departments will bring many great advantages. In particular, the most noticeable is that the office space becomes more spacious and airy. On the other hand, this design also makes communication more convenient, thereby improving teamwork and productivity at work.

#4 Japanese style office interior design

Japanese-style office design is minimalist, so sophisticated and cumbersome furniture will not be used. Instead, the Japanese will tend to choose furniture that is compact, sophisticated and does not take up too much space. If these products are arranged scientifically and cleverly modified, they will create more harmony and openness in terms of space for the office. Japanese-style office design prioritizes neutral colors, the most visible is brown from wooden furniture, fresh green from plants, gray from tiles, etc., all create a working space. very plain and simple.

Focus on each individual workspace

The Japanese often like quiet when working, so they always pay great attention to the layout of their personal workspace. In the Japanese design offices, individual working corners will be arranged along the large window systems, full of natural light. This is considered the perfect location for employees to focus on working, thinking and finding creative ideas

In the midst of a busy office with a lot of stressful work, the minimalist design, close to nature will help employees feel relaxed and work more efficiently. With the great benefits that the Japanese-style office brings, it is predicted that this trend will cause storms in the future.

#5 Vintage office interior design

If you are looking for an office interior design idea that follows a modern and trendy trend and mixes with a bit of nostalgia from previous decades, then Vintage interior design will be the best choice. suitable choice.

DTC E& has more than 13 years of experience in the field of interior design and construction, especially high-class office interior design. With a team of professional architects, we will bring you many beautiful concepts based on ideas and actual needs and accompany you on the path to creating a high-class and comfortable office space.

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