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Each business has its own unique characteristics, corporate culture, and space, so office interior design varies.

At DTC E&C, we value creativity in design to suit each business. However, all designs have certain standards.

The standards for office interior design at DTC E&C are:

  1. Functional use

The design is clearly divided into areas, departments that are both scientific and meet maximum usage needs.

Office Interior 3D Design

There are three basic functional criteria that must be met when designing office interiors:

  • Work efficiency: To design office interiors that best serve employees' work, you must first understand the nature of each room, department, position, and job characteristics. For example, the common working area must be designed to include convenient, airy, and scientific furniture while providing an adequate number of desks and chairs for employees.
  • Furniture: Desks, chairs, computers, printers, copiers, filing cabinets, lamps, fans, wifi networks, and other office furniture need to be arranged reasonably to meet the needs of each employee.
  • Interconnect the components together: The shared and private office furniture of each department must be determined before a suitable layout can be created. The use of shared furniture also contributes to the cohesion between departments by creating a sense of familiarity among colleagues.


Reasonable department layout and connectivity are required for office design

 2. Aesthetic value

Aesthetic value is considered based on various factors including lighting, color, layout, furniture, decorations... all of which must be harmoniously coordinated to create a unique style for the business.

Currently, office furniture tends to be simple, cost-effective but still friendly and classy. High aesthetic value also stimulates creativity and inspiration for employees.

3. Color

Colors in the workplace are often divided into three types: main color, background color, and accent color. These three colors are mixed according to the 60/30/10 formula, meaning that 60% of the main color is used, 30% of the background color is used, and 10% of the accent color is used.

Usually, the main color tone of the workspace will be the color of the company's brand logo to emphasize the company's image and help improve company recognition. This main color is created from desks, chairs, window curtains, floor mats,... Experience shows that good and clever color schemes will create an enjoyable working space for all members.

Punch - DTC E&C company office design and construction

However, choosing colors for the workspace also needs to pay attention to feng shui, compatibility with the destiny and age of the business owner or space owner. If the color is feng shui compatible but not suitable for the style of the office, it requires the designer to harmoniously combine colors to balance both feng shui and style factors.

4. Suitable for company culture

The workspace must be consistent with the company's image culture, which is a standard that DTC E&C never overlooks. For companies with a Western-oriented culture, there will be higher requirements for personal space. As for East-oriented cultures, they often prefer shared office interiors. Therefore, for each customer and each different company culture, we will choose standard spaces that are suitable for the business culture and the customer's desires are still the most important.

  • Suitable for regional culture: People in East Asia value familiarity and closeness more than uniqueness and individuality. To fit with East Asian culture, the house design should be open, encouraging cross-cultural interaction and sharing.
  • Suitable for company culture: DTC E&C wants to tell the story and cultural traits of the company through office furniture. Customers will remember your company longer if you choose a design that highlights the business culture. It will also make each employee proud of the company culture.
  • Suitable for business model: Different office interior decoration depends on the business model, whether traditional or modern, large or small scale, and business products. These factors are also essential for DTC E&C architects to create the most suitable interior design for customers' businesses.

Nissan Techno Vietnam company office - DTC E&C design and construction

5. Choosing and arranging suitable office furniture

Consistency and synchronization in office furniture arrangement are essential factors in interior design standards. The choice of arranging work desks, filing cabinets, office chairs,... to fit the interior design style creates a harmonious and aesthetic overall. This is something that DTC E&C architects always put their heart and soul into each design

Choosing office furniture

Standards for office furniture materials also need to be focused on. Usually, modern offices today prefer materials such as wood, high-quality plastics,... The furniture design materials need to ensure durability, beauty but still be elegant, with a sophisticated color scheme, and consistent with the dominant style.

At DTC E&C, we have our own direct furniture manufacturing workshop, ensuring the best cost and quality for customers.

Installation of interior for Japanese company - DTC E&C

6. Lighting

Choosing lighting in the office interior design standard is quite important.

Utilizing natural light and installing an artificial lighting system scientifically and reasonably is also a difficult task, requiring architects to have knowledge and practical experience.

Specialized office lights such as white tube lights, downlights,... should be used. Install indirect lighting systems to avoid eye strain. Additionally, you can also install yellow lights to enhance employees' concentration while working.

7. Green office

Green offices are currently considered a trend in office design for many agencies and businesses to bring an ideal working environment, inspiration, and environmental protection.

Modern office designs nowadays often incorporate natural green spaces, using environmentally friendly equipment and materials to protect human health and the environment.

Therefore, in office interior designs at DTC E&C, our architects always prioritize green spaces to increase positive energy for the office.

DTC E&C - A reputable and high-quality office furniture design and construction company

DTC E&C has over 13 years of experience in the field of office furniture design and construction. With a team of professional architects, we will bring many beautiful concepts based on ideas, practical needs, and create a sophisticated and convenient space for your office.

We have our own furniture manufacturing workshop at Nguyen Khe Industrial Park, Dong Anh, Hanoi.

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