is the first and most crucial stage in construction building to establish overall goals, directions, and policies from function, scale, shape, and material structure.

This design part will be divided into two basic steps including:
● Design the preliminary plan
● Design construction drawing


This step outlines the investor’s ideas, needs, and desires. DTC E&C architects will rely on information, namely:
● Manufacturing field
● Chain technology
● Project scale
● Construction ground
● Investment budget
Through the above information, a visual overview of the project will be produced, helping the investor visualize the required items of the project with ease.


After approving the preliminary design, the architect will proceed to design the construction drawings. This is an important step, showing detailed information about the project, namely:
● Details of items to be built
● Architectural details
● Foundation structure plan
● Steel frame
● Connections
● Material specification
● Drawings M&E
● Fire prevention and fighting

Other field of activities

Field of activity – Construction

As a general contractor, DTC E&C undertakes the entire foundation work, the substructure, the superstructure to the completion of the work and the landscape infrastructure. Deploy the construction work at the site according to the detailed construction plan agreed upon in the contract. Each stage has an inspection, supervision and acceptance test to complete each […]

Field of activity – Construction maintenance service

DTC E&C provides professional construction maintenance services. We ensure functional, stable, and energy-saving in the operation of customers’ projects; we reduce operating costs, keep the project in a state of readiness for service; prolong the construction lifetime and ensure the safety of the construction during operation and use

Field of activity – Investment support service

DTC E&C provides investment consulting and support services to foreign corporate clients who want to invest in the Vietnam market. DTC E&C has leading experts in legal advice and investment procedures, has relationships and experience in handling documents, which will bring customers a good quality investment advisory service with the most accurate planned time

Field of activity – Interior design

DTC E&C is proud to be a prestigious and professional company specializing in designing and constructing office, hotel, restaurant, and showroom furniture in Vietnam. In over 13 years of construction and development, with a team of highly qualified architects and engineers, DTC E&C has become a reliable unit in consulting, designing, constructing, and supplying furniture […]