2 March, 2023

DTC E&C TOTAL CONSTRUCTION – Environmental Safe Workplace

DTC E&C Environmental Safe Workplace

Construction for Industrial and Civil Projects

With over 13 years of experience in the construction industry, DTC E&C places quality, on-time completion, and safety at the forefront of every project. To achieve these goals, cooperation from multiple departments and the construction workforce is essential, especially when it comes to the safety of workers. In Vietnam's construction industry, workers, engineers, and construction staff are responsible for most of the work, which requires high levels of physical and technical skills. DTC E&C Total Construction is committed to creating a fair working environment and ensuring full benefits for its workers.   1.Occupational Safety Training At DTC E&C, safety is a top priority, and a significant portion of time and budget is allocated to ensure worker safety. In addition to legal requirements regarding construction safety policies, workers must comply with safety regulations to ensure their own safety while under close supervision. Regular training courses on occupational safety will update workers on necessary safety information during different stages of construction, weather conditions, or common errors, enhancing their attention and reflexes to comply with safety regulations.   2. Organizing Occupational Safety Training and Improving Skills Alongside safety, quality is also crucial for every project at DTC E&C. Regular skills training courses not only guarantee the quality of DTC E&C's projects but also enhance the construction workforce's skills, contributing to the overall improvement of the Vietnamese construction industry.   3. Providing Sustainable Income and Insurance Benefits The construction workforce is the top priority when allocating financial resources and payment policies at DTC E&C. For construction workers, their livelihoods and their families depend entirely on the project situation and the payment policies of contractors. DTC E&C ensures insurance benefits for construction workers, creating a safe working environment that protects their health.     4. Creating a Fair and Humanitarian Working Environment DTC E&C engineers work with partners and construction staff based on principles of equality, respect, and kindness. In addition to work, extracurricular activities such as organizing events for workers contribute to creating a fair and humanitarian working environment

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